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It’s a wrap – DSVP gets a new website!

Posted by Andy

HDA delivers a new website for David Strelitz Video Productions www.dsvp.co.uk

From their comprehensively equipped studio in Basildon, Essex, DSVP provide a complete video production service to clients, including filming, editing, DVD creation, DVD duplication, web encoding, video transfer to DVD, along with a specialised cine transfer service. Clients include multi-national companies, international production companies, advertising agencies and local companies both large and small.

In the words of David Strelitz, DSVP’s “existing website was designed around the dawn of dial-up and would not have been out of place on the Antiques Roadshow”. HDA was commissioned to provide a complete design makeover which included a new logo design. One of the requirements for the new website was that it should be fully editable by the client with the ability to upload images and insert video files. WordPress was chosen to deliver this functionality and as de-facto blogging platform it naturally allowed a Blog to be easily incorporated into the design. Fully connected with DSVP’s social networking sites, the new DSVP website now provides an integrated web presence.

One Response to It’s a wrap – DSVP gets a new website!

  1. David Strelitz says:

    I feel empowered to say another very big thank you to Andy for an amazing job. The journey to getting the new website made was documented by me here http://www.dsvp.co.uk/2011/10/davids-first-blog/
    Since then, the continued feedback has all been very positive but more to the point it has paid for itself with new work it has attracted because it looks so professional. “I found you on the web – great website…..” was the opening line from one client who I subsequently made a new corporate promo for.

    Andy had an immediate grasp of my requirement to be able to easily edit and modify content. Whilst I vaguely knew of the possibility of WordPress integration, he explained how it would work and it has proved to be the ideal platform, enabling updates and blogs as and when I need to do them.

    I cannot praise Andy enough not only for his creative skills but also for his patience with a fickle and demanding client (Yes me) and also for ongoing help and advice.