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Every business owner must have an efficient website to remain competitive. This very rewarding tool for companies is an indispensable means to continue an activity. The marineplaisance.com website is an example of a web project designed by a digital communication agency.

Creation of websites

Landing page creation

Create landing pages to boost conversion rates.

E-commerce website redesign

Redesign a website if it has too many flaws.

Design of a company blog

Promote your business by creating a blog, like the case of nature-marine.fr.

Better user experience

Ergonomics and web design

Responsive design

It adapts the display of the sites to the size of the screen.

Custom logo

Customise a logo by changing its colour, font, size…

Interactive content

Interactive content captures the attention of the Internet user to encourage him to act.

Website referencing

Natural referencing

It is important to work on a web strategy to attract visitors to a website. SEO is one of the best-known channels for making a website profitable in the long term.

Google Adwords campaign

Save time in the referencing of your website by creating a Google Adwords campaign. The principle is to buy a certain number of words related to the theme of your web platform.

Multilingual sites

To create a multilingual site, it is essential to translate the content into different languages. The URL is also an important element. You can choose a regional extension for each translation for more efficiency.

Action plan

Digital marketing strategies


Influencers use different media (personal blog, social networks, forums...) to spread their opinions.


Storytelling consists in telling a story to communicate. Its aim is to shape minds.


A conversational agent is a written or spoken program used to converse with Internet users.

Managing a business

Performance analysis


On-page and off-page SEO audit

The on-page and off-page SEO audit helps to get traffic.


Loading speed

Google evaluates the loading speed of sites in its referencing.


Referring domains and backlinks

The referring domain is the Internet portal where a backlink is published.

Communication agency

A dynamic and efficient
web agency

Custom web development

Creation of custom
web platforms

Downloadable programme on mobile

Mobile application

The hybrid application provides an application for 2 operating systems (Android and iOS). This application is also called cross-platform. The native application is developed specifically for one operating system.

Promoting a company's image

Corporate website

Corporate websites publish official and up-to-date documents relating to the company’s activity. They should be a reference for the general public, investors and institutional investors.

Behavioural analysis

Improve your interfaces
and UX